Microsoft delivers 3D look of space shuttle

Update: View the article here

Banging one after the other, this one is something big, not just for Microsoft but even for NASA and space enthusiast.

NASA will be using Microsoft’s Photosynth to display a 3D look of the space shuttle Endeavour which is planned for a liftoff later this week.

Microsoft Photosynth working for NASA 

Photosynth can display hundreds of standard photos inside a Web browser at the angles they were taken and in the positions they would appear in the real world. Combined, they effectively create a three-dimensional scene that people can navigate quickly by clicking on individual photos and zooming around the screen.

Photosynth is the result of collaboration between Microsoft’s internal Live Labs group and University of Washington researchers.NASA says it will use Photosynth to offer a close, interactive look at Endeavour and the scene in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

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