XBOX prices drops – could Microsoft make it up ???

Update: View the article here

Following the Sony’s price drop on the Playstation, Microsoft has also dropped price on its selected XBOX 360 models.

XBOX drops price to match competitors

Both the XBOX and Playstation were lagging behind the revolutionary Wii(pronounce ‘v’) . Apart from asthetically pleasing Wii is a low price gaming console(priced at $250 compared to playstation@$600 approx. and xbox@$479)

In a bid to catch-up with the market both Sony and Microsoft are trying hard to lurr the consumer.

Microsoft’s upcoming HALO3, which is all set to release on Sept 25, is what makes Microsoft think that consumers would be more interested in buying an xbox rather that a wii. Truely, for wii, even with its most amazing features it still lacks some basic stuff for a gaming console – GAMES.

All now we have to look into is how things turns up for microsoft. Would it be able to achieve its target or ….???

The below pic displays the current prices of each xbox consoles. Yes, the discount varies for each and every product. It is based on some basic facts like the HDD’s capacity, wireless feature etc.
XBOX’s Current Price


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