Happy Birthday “CD” !!!

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“All great things starts from small beginings”.

And this is no different for the revolutionary thing called Compact Disc(CD). Invented by Philips(and Sony), the initial CD was a 12inch disc which could store movies. But the size of the disc was not the general public’s cup of tea, they preffered a more compact version and thus the present CD was born. Initially the size could compensate only Audio but time has again proved that technology just needs a little more time to bloom from its present state.

Today as we clebrate the 25th anniversary of the CD, which was major form of medium for transferring data for the past 25 years, we have a long way from the mere audio only CD to a much more efficient DVD system. Traditionally CD’s could store only 600MB of data, later it became 650 and present day CD’s can accomodate upto 700MB of data.

They are in no match to the present day DVD’s, which were out of laymen’s hand due to her high cost involved. But as the prices drop for DVD’s time has come to shift from the CD to DVD.

Nonethless, no one can ignore the role of CD in the software industry. The music industry is on a verge of leaving CD as the medium. Present day iPod’s and other MP3 players are more preffered over traditional way of transferring music.

It is doubted that whether the CD would make its 50th anniversary of would it die before it completes its 40th one, time will only say, but the thing to remember is that technology keeps on growing, no matter what or how. 


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