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Chak De .. Oh Chak De India !!!

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Chak De India

What was in your mind the last time you went for a movie (ok .. second last if last was “Chak De India” :))? Did you even had the slightest idea that this movie is gonna worth the money you spent on it? If you haven’t seen this movie for any reason or if you wanna know more about it, then read on.

This movie is neither full of action, nor does it have the sizziling hot bodies dancing up and down, No, not even a single romantic song or the stupid comedy(our ultimate source of PJ’s). But still it got selected by the democratic group of krazy kreatures for Rashmi’s B’day treat(thx Rashu).

Avinash, from whose neurons the very idea of a movie sprouted, was for some reason denied the esteemed company of 7 krazy but kool kreatures, starting from Rashmi, Satish, Hannah, Kapil, Monica(Hannah’s Sis), Aparna and rAjAn.

Like an extremely diligent Indian, we were exactly not in time. Somehow we managed to reach the theater after a standard 10 mins delay, but were delayed more due the presence of 2 extra ticketes(one of which belonged to our poor Avinash). Selling them to someone who also follows our Indian standard time was the best thing we could do. Once spotted, the job was taken care off by Satish and Hannah.

16 Laundias and a Gunda … in One Team – Team India

Chak De India which means “Do It India” is a hindi movie directed by Shimit Amin. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, this movie is based on the real life incident of an ex hockey player(Mir Ranjan Negi) for India. Like any other movie, Chak De India, also doesn’t completely portray the real incidents but modifies it for the sake of the movie.

The main theme moves around an ex player(who was accused of match-fixing), trying to get his dignity back by making a totally useless team(Indian Women’s Hockey Team) win the world cup.

Along with King Khan there are 16 ladies, who for some reason are totally out of sync with each other. These 16 ladies cover almost the entire map of India, horizontally and vertically. King Khan uses very unconventional methods to create a team spirit among the players. This movie portrays the very basic mindset of  any typical Indian, who, deep down in his heart is selfish and arrogant but still loves his motherland with the same passion.

As mentioned this movie doesn’t have any romantic song but a well balanced patriotic song(the title song) for this age keeps you geared up. Ofcourse there are many other thing that makes this movie a hit, which includes lack of over-acting by ShahRukh and the simple pace of the movie, perfect in every sense. Particularly the last scene where Shah Rukh returns to his native(which he left in the beginning), was really touching.


  • Superb acting by Shah Rukh.
  • Nice pace of the movie.
  • No extra junk.
  • A feeling of patriotism.
  • Its by Shimit Amin 🙂


  • None as of now.

 My Rating : 4/5

My Suggestion : Worth a watch. 

People having a taste of movies with substance should watch this one.

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