Apple brushes iMac

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The news of a redesigned iMac was already in air from past few months, but no one knew when it would happen – a typical Apple launch.

The all new aluminium dressed iMac Few hours ago, Steve Jobs(co-founder: Apple), with a low light keynote released the all new iMac dressed in an esthetically pleasing aluminium design. Even the screen was coated for an all new extra glossy iPhone style look and shine. A wireless keyborad, again in brushed-aluminium is also available as an ad-on to the new iMac.

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XBOX prices drops – could Microsoft make it up ???

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Following the Sony’s price drop on the Playstation, Microsoft has also dropped price on its selected XBOX 360 models.

XBOX drops price to match competitors

Both the XBOX and Playstation were lagging behind the revolutionary Wii(pronounce ‘v’) . Apart from asthetically pleasing Wii is a low price gaming console(priced at $250 compared to playstation@$600 approx. and xbox@$479)

In a bid to catch-up with the market both Sony and Microsoft are trying hard to lurr the consumer.

Microsoft’s upcoming HALO3, which is all set to release on Sept 25, is what makes Microsoft think that consumers would be more interested in buying an xbox rather that a wii. Truely, for wii, even with its most amazing features it still lacks some basic stuff for a gaming console – GAMES.

All now we have to look into is how things turns up for microsoft. Would it be able to achieve its target or ….???

The below pic displays the current prices of each xbox consoles. Yes, the discount varies for each and every product. It is based on some basic facts like the HDD’s capacity, wireless feature etc.
XBOX’s Current Price

Microsoft delivers 3D look of space shuttle

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Banging one after the other, this one is something big, not just for Microsoft but even for NASA and space enthusiast.

NASA will be using Microsoft’s Photosynth to display a 3D look of the space shuttle Endeavour which is planned for a liftoff later this week.

Microsoft Photosynth working for NASA 

Photosynth can display hundreds of standard photos inside a Web browser at the angles they were taken and in the positions they would appear in the real world. Combined, they effectively create a three-dimensional scene that people can navigate quickly by clicking on individual photos and zooming around the screen.

Photosynth is the result of collaboration between Microsoft’s internal Live Labs group and University of Washington researchers.NASA says it will use Photosynth to offer a close, interactive look at Endeavour and the scene in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

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It was just another normal day of my life when i first saw it. “Looks Interesting”, i told Tony(my then roommate). We tried to lay our hands on it. I’ve seen people playing with it….but it was my first time.

Somehow Harsha also joined us. Other members were karthik, lifford, jagadish, utham and konda deepti. Shaddan and Sania came a bit late. It was quite interesting playing around and in a short span of time both Tony and Harsha became experts in it.

It then became a regular habit during the breaks to play it. Everyone would fight for it. Was always afraid of Ubedh, he used to hit so hard that i guessed that one day surely it will wear out.

While on the other side if i get one, i used to blabber my line “One is Mine”….as time passed this particualar line was becoming so common that i had to change it to “Legendary Dialog” which later became “LD”, ofcourse each one having a number.

Time passed. People started becoming experts. Karthik and me were kinda best on the other side. It was somewhere around in June-July that a crack appeared. The whole system seemed to be bent on one side and a blocker used to block the ball, later the blocker was pulled-off. Now the ball passed easily, some frowned, still some were okay with it.

Bong joined the team. His everlasting desire to be on top was never achieved. Every time he used to beg karthik “Once more da… pleaseee Once more da….”.

Even after seeing the crack, no one bothered about it. People never gave a second thought about it. Others gangs used to be jealous about us. Ujwal and Deepti J, regularly commented on our acts, but all in vain.

It was the 7th of Feb, 2007, i was not there in the morning. The team came back with a sad face. Everyone was pointing towards Jagadish. He was trying to defend himself. “He did that…”, both Bong and Karthik enacted to me. I was wondering what happened?? Continuing with my work, i went to the first floor to call Harsha, it was then when i saw this dreaded scene. I couldn’t hold anymore. I wished i wasn’t that cold and had vented my emotions out, but i knew where i was and i had to keep up my dignity. I called up Harsha and Deepti konda and gave them the sad news. I told them “Guys a sad news, our FOOSEBALL TABLE is DEAD“.

The table almost broke from one side. Nothing more could be done about it. Still we try to play on it. But we can’t deny the fact that the table is dead. Bong is trying his level best to fix it..(The latest idea he had was to tie it up using a network cable….hmmm). Now who will wait for 10:30 in morning and 3:30 in evening? Who will say that his team is the best? Who? Who? People are trying to divert themselves to Caremboard, but who can forget the masti that we had while playing fooseball?

Now i would like all the readers of this post to observe a minute of silence in respect of our beloved Fooseball Table.